Why self-acceptance is important for happiness?


When you are not fully comfortable being yourself, you become hostage to an emotional sense of lack. This creates a state of mind that constantly measures, judges and compares with others. You become easily disturbed by what people think and say about you. You spend a lot of time seeking approvals because you believe that opinions of others will fulfil you. You get distracted from your life’s purpose and from what truly matters to you.

Let’s be honest, we all create opinions about other people. You form a mental image of whom and what they are, to which you compare yourself. Yet how can you honestly say that you are able to judge someone completely when it is not possible for anyone to know everything that is going on in someone else’s mind. In fact you don’t know what people have gone through in their lives. Most often you make superficial judgement based on speculations on things you notice externally. You get caught in an illusionary conflict between yourself and the world outside. You condemn and pity yourself into a false sense of lack and ‘have-not’. You lose sight of what is true and unique within yourself and what truly makes you happy.

The sense of lack buries your true sense of purpose in life. It is an illusionary gap created in your mind and you are always trying to find external images to fit into it. You lose your confidence, inspiration and motivation to be your own self. You continue to be hypnotized by the outside world, by the definitions of success set by others living it, by the self-images projected in the media and by the opinions of society. You live in perpetual struggle to become like others. Yet no external image seems to fit the gap in your heart because that gap is an illusion. This leads to frustration and disappointment. This takes away your attention from what you truly want to do in life.

The moment you realise this, the illusionary gap disappears. You realise that you can only grow and progress from what you are and not from what you are not. Self-acceptance means being comfortable and loving who you are now and knowing that you have the seeds of infinite possibilities to grow into what you want in life. Only then you will believe in your own uniqueness and potential. If you are here, you must be important, for nothing comes into manifestation in this universe if it is not important. Let go of self judgment, self pity and self condemnation. Furthermore when you learn to accept yourself as you are then it will be easier to accept others as they are too. Ponder upon self-acceptance and you will recover your inner strength and direction. You will live life on purpose and you will find happiness when you do so.

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