Common remedies for fatigue


Fatigue, also referred to as tiredness, is not a disease but our natural psycho-biological warning system. Fatigue alerts us of an underlying weakness in our body and mind that needs our attention. A few simple adjustments to our lifestyle can generally help alleviate fatigue. Common remedies that would normally help us combat fatigue include:

  • Food – Make an effort to have better dietary nourishment and avoid a breakfast high in sugar.
  • Sleep – Enhancing the quality of your sleep and you can even practise short naps.
  • Circulation – Perform low-intensity exercises to improve blood circulation. Surya Namaskara routine is highly recommended and can be practiced by anyone.
  • Yoga Asanas – Practise Yoga asanas (poses) of the inversion type such as sarvangasana (shoulderstand pose) to help to draw blood to the upper body and head area and to give rest to our heart. Also resting in relaxation poses such as savasana (corpse pose) are helpful for both physical and mental fatigue.
  • Digestion and absorption – Good digestion and movement throughout our digestive system is important for proper absorption of nutrients and elimination of waste. Support your meals with spices like black pepper, cumin, cardamom, turmeric, coriander and ginger for optimal digestive health. Probiotics and fibre are also essential for a healthy digestive tract. Taking a walk after meals can help to improve digestion and blood circulation.
  • Fasting – Yes! Fasting can dramatically improve your energy level and have you feeling lighter.
  • Alcohol – Cutting down on alcohol. Researchers say heavy drinking can cause a drop in the number red blood cells. This can trigger fatigue.
  • Artificial light – Reduce exposure of artificial light from television, cell phones and computer screens. Take more frequent breaks from your computer screen. Turn off your devices earlier an hour or so before going to sleep at night. Keep these devices out of your bedroom.
  • Work – Reduce your workload through better planning and sticking to priorities. Delegating work and giving up unnecessary multitasking gymnastics and unrealistic work commitments.
  • When fatigue becomes a regular occurrence and the common remedies fail to yield positive results, you should get professional medical help as this could be the sign of a more serious medical condition. I have written about this before – you can read it here.

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