How to know and release self-limiting ideas


What you choose to think about yourself and about life over a period of time get lodged deep into your subconscious mind. They become part of your self-image or ego. Your mind continues to draw situations and recreate experiences to that which it has been conditioned. For examples, if there are strong self-limiting and self-defeating ideas, your experiences tend to create outcomes that would leave you feeling limited and helpless.

Unaware that all recurring experiences and emotions are cyclic manifestation of the thoughts that has been gradually built into your mind through habitual thinking, somehow it does seem to you that it has always been that way and you cannot do anything about it. This is off course untrue and the first step to releasing our self-image from unwanted limitations is to simply become aware of them. This also opens up a window of possibilities for us to choose new ideas that will help us reach our goals and to have a better and happier life.

Here are a few ways that you can use to better notice your current ideas about yourself and about life:

1. Listen to what you are saying in a conversion – Take note of the way you portray yourself and your life to others especially when you are engaged in a conversion with someone whom you would freely share your deeper thoughts. A lot of times, you will find that it is your own assessments and assumptions of an emotional experience happened in the past that gave you the ideas that continue to resist change and limit your future possibilities.

2. Silent contemplation – Sit in a meditative pose and bring your attention to your breath and body. Allow your thoughts to flow. Simply be aware of them without getting involved. Your mind will become clearer and calmer gradually. Gently allow thoughts and mental images related to the particular aspect of your life that you wish to focus on to flow in. Question the reasons behind your emotions and actions that have a tendency to repeat in circumstances affecting your focus area.

3. Be an observant – Be watchful of the thoughts and emotions that linger in your mind throughout the day more prominently. Study the change to the state of your mind particularly when you are faced with a difficult or an unpleasant situation. What are the emotional tendencies that permeate your day?

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