The Power of Thought


A thought is a thing, just like matter and energy. In Hindu philosophies like Vedanta and Yoga, a thought is technically defined as vritti (literally, ‘a vortex’) which refers to a vibration of mind-stuff. If the mind is a lake, then thoughts are the waves. Thoughts can travel vast distances. When you think, you send out thought waves or vibrations of subtle mind-stuff. Each thought-vibration exerts a force that attracts to you things, people and circumstances that match the frequency of that thought-vibration. This ancient knowledge of thought and its workings is becoming popular around the world today as the law of attraction.

Read the following quotes. You will see that the same underlining principle is expressed although coming from different sources.

Let’s say you received a book on a subject that you wanted to study. A certain thought-vibration in you attracted that. Or, suppose a family member or a colleague repeatedly gives you a rough time and you feel victimised. Again, a vibrational channel in your mind is corresponding to someone else’s negativity to allow it to flood into your experience. Sometimes you may not receive what you want immediately as your mind is at the same time sending various contradicting thoughts and feelings. The universe always receives and responds to your most dominant thoughts. Your dominant thoughts, feelings and moods are those that tend to permeate your mind throughout the day.

It is also possible that you had desired something very intensely some time ago but then you had forgotten about it later. Suddenly you find that it has come into your life in an unexpected and effortless way simply because you had offered almost no resistance in your thoughts and feelings for that manifestation to take place.

If you are dissatisfied or upset with a particular situation in your life, try to shift your attention to the thoughts that represent what you would like to see, instead of those that represent what you do not like about the situation. It is important to have clarity of what you want. Being definite and resolute in your intention is key to success. You may find resistance in the form of fear and doubt. Rise above them. Use any method to keep a positive attitude. Auto-suggestion and affirmation are the most common tools. Creative visualisation is another powerful tool that you practice daily.


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