Get to know yourself to know what to do in life


How hard can it be to figure out what to do in life? Only a few would tell that it was as easy as knowing that fish are born to swim and birds are born to fly! Well firstly each human being is designed uniquely to serve a unique role in this universe. By role I do not only mean choosing a career path but knowing our life’s purpose and direction as a whole. The key to knowing what to do in life lies within you. Do you understand your personality well enough?

When you study your own personality traits and abilities, try to understand your character, deep driving desires, talents, skills and interests. Be objective and embrace both your strength and weakness.

Here are a few pointers to help you study your personality and discover your life purpose and direction:

  • Watch yourself while doing actions. See where you feel emotionally at ease most while attending to a work. Find out the work area and subject matter that draws your attention most regardless of the rewards and remunerations. Discover what kindles your passion.
  • Your character can be observed distinctly in ways you response to interactions with your relationships – people, objects and circumstances.
  • Note your ability to spontaneously do something with ease and those indicate your inherent talents. Do not overlook the ‘little’ things which you do in life like how you fix something when it is broken or what are the things that you would generally say while talking to younger kids.
  • Though skills can be developed, pay attention to those skills that you already have a strong urge to acquire. You may be interested in many things but identify those which attract you most. There should be a thirst to know more about a particular interest. Give more importance to the interest in which you find that your character is attuned. Align your interest to your talents and skills.
  • Observe where your creativity and leadership qualities manifest easily. Some are able to express their creativity in speech while for some others find it in writing. When faced with a challenging task some take up the lead quickly. These are just examples. Creative thoughts and passionate leadership can be kindled in many situations. The possibilities are endless.
  • Other simple ways to learn about yourself is to see what kind of books you like to read, what sections of the newspaper you tend to pay attention, what are your hobbies and what subject matter that interest you most when you are at school, office, shopping malls, public conferences and even while listening to people talking.

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