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Let a man lift himself by his own self alone, let him not lower himself.
For this self alone is the friend of oneself and this self alone is the enemy of oneself.
– Bhagavad Gita, 6.5

What is Innerlife Class?

circle - lady meditateThe Innerlife Class is both an educational and transformative mentoring as well as a support system to help you to live a happier and more fulfilling life by working with your inner life. Your inner life is the life you live through your thoughts, emotions, feelings, memories, sorrows and joys, intention, purpose and awareness.

The inner life creates and affects your experience of the outer world – this maybe your body, relationships, sexuality, wellness, career or any aspect of your lifestyle. Simply put, this class is a commitment to together learn, understand and uplift ourselves to become a more peaceful and happy human being.

Innerlife Class coaches you through lessons from ancient Vedic philosophy, psychology and spirituality. It employs insight from the wisdom tradition of Advaita Vedanta and teaches you yoga methods that you can apply in your inner life. This is really a yoga class; the yoga of your inner life.

The Benefits

Innerlife Class helps you in

0006 Mental Health

  • Finding clarity that will end confusions, doubts, worries and the feeling of being stuck in some circumstance. Healing emotions and hurts, stepping out of both negative environment and mental cycles and releasing past conditionings.
  • Appreciating and loving your self and life. This class is a process in which you will gradually become free from resistances and find acceptance of your true purpose, design and genuine desires in life. You will learn to connect with your authentic Self and grow in Self awareness. The lessons can profoundly alter your mindset and vibration and empower you to become the best version of yourself.
  • Understanding your inner self and what affects your current life experiences . As you develop deeper insight you will realise the answers to your life problems. You will discover new perspective to relating with people and to create positive relationships.
  • Developing inner peace , emotional balance, objectivity, acceptance and release of resistances to being joyful. You will learn to become independent in thinking, reflective and meditative and yet able to enjoy the joys and pleasures of this world; just as a lotus rooted in the muddy waters is never soiled by its surrounding.
  • Growing emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The lessons, exercises and meditations are all geared to create a meaningful impact on your body, mind, well-being, career, relationships and every other aspect of life.

He who considers himself free becomes free indeed, and he who considers himself bound remains bound.
“As one thinks, so one becomes”, is a proverbial saying in this world and it is indeed quite true.
– The Astavakra Gita, 1.11

The Science

MindThe Innerlife Class was developed using an ancient holistic body-mind model called Panchakosha – the 5 layers of human body-mind constitution. This class teaches you the sciences and practices that can transform each aspect of your being from body to mind and awareness.

The Advaita Vedanta philosophy describes the mind through its major 4 mechanism; manas (conscious mind), citta (subconscious mind), buddhi (intellect) and ahamkara (individuality). If we understand the workings of these mechanisms within us then we will understand ourselves better and why we experience life the way it is. This class gives you both the knowledge and practical exercises to work with in regards to your inner mechanism.

0010 vortexManas is the seat of your emotions and thoughts. The vibration of your whole being is evident here which is constantly attracting a mutual state of respond from the universe into your life. Manas is womb of ceaseless feelings, ideas, sensations and wants and often we are met by conflicting thoughts. Citta is the memory mechanism. It forms mental patterns and associations. It is the repository of our knowledge and generator of imagination. Yet it also tends to harden into limiting and unhelpful conditionings and constantly draws your attention to memories of the past and reveries of the future. Buddhi is the mental mechanism that allows us to reason and discern and form logical deductions. It is the tool by which we can harness the power of clarity. This is perhaps the least understood tool that we have. Ahamkara or individuality is our mental sense of ownership of all our mental functions and our body. It is a complex of self images that defines roles and identities and often it is at the root of our personal sufferings.

The Innerlife Class is also based on the Vedic principle of Purushartha: the balanced personal fulfillments of purpose, prosperity, pleasure and spiritual freedom.

Rakesh has dedicated over two decades of his life to the study, reflection and research in ancient philosophy, psychology and spirituality with a deep passion for understanding the personal life issues we face daily and for sharing the powerful life-changing insights and technology to help us create real solutions and achieve the life that we want.

You are what your deep driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will.
As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.
– Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, 4.4.5

How Does the Class Work?

Life Mastery Class iconThis is a weekly class therefore it allows you time to work with yourself at your own pace while having continues guidance and support.

Different people have different needs . Everyone who attends the class need not have the same desire to achieve but we all share a common goal, that is to live life peacefully and happily.

Usually the class constitute 30 minutes of guided psychological and meditative exercises. This involves a combination of yoga techniques using breathing and mind sciences, including powerful visualizations, affirmations, sounds, reflections and meditations. Another 45 minutes is for discussion and discourse on personal development and lifestyle improvement topics that are aligned with the practices. The class is interactive. Time is given for question and answer session and students can raise questions regarding any aspect of their life through which resolution can be gained in the inner life sciences.

You may come to the class with a particular goal in mind that you want to achieve or address a particular issue in your own life. As Rakesh guides you through the lessons, you will find ways to enhance your awareness and potential to achieve what you want in life.

Having a focus area to work on will give you an experience of seeing how this class is helping you. You may be looking for help to transform something affecting you emotionally and mentally. You may be seeking to understand the reasons of your life issues. You may seek freedom from the way you feel about your self and life. It can be something that you would like to change or improve. Maybe you are finding ways and solutions for something that is related to your well-being, career, relationship, sexual life, family, emotion, people and so on.

Alternatively you can just come to the class without any expectation or goal to achieve and simply be open to a new horizon of learning and discovering deeper insights into life and living.

0022 5 quotes to remind us - it is not yet time to give upOne may call the Innerlife Class a personal development class however the general focus of most other personal development trainers is in achievement and success mentoring. They do give very good knowledge and guidance. However the definitions of success set by others living it, the success self-images projected in the media and the opinions of society often create tremendous pressure in the minds of people for them to follow suit so that they too will be “successful” according to these definitions (often in terms of monetary) and claim a life of happiness. Yet this is not true. Things, positions and attainments are wonderful and useful but it will not give you happiness by itself although all these have its place in life.

Your success lies in understanding and living the life that is true to you, for what is natural to you is never a burden to you. Unfortunately for many it is a continuous struggle to achieve what other people expect of them. People lose sight of what they truly want to do in life, unaware of the inner design that is key to a meaningful and fulfilling life. Alas people cease to enjoy life in the present. It is easy to become trapped in an endless race to become ”someone” else and lose the naturalness of living with joys and peace. Therefore we ought not to lose sight of learning how to live our present life in peace and happiness. After all, happiness is what really matters in life.

The Study

The Study is an advance personalised class for Innerlife class students who after benefitting from the Innerlife Class, would like to study further deeper into topics of their interest that Rakesh is able to tutor and guide. Depending on the interest of the student group, The Study takes up subjects of ancient Vedantic philosophy, spirituality, meditation, yoga or addresses specific areas of life such as relationship, parenting, sexuality, wellness and so forth. For details on The Study please consult Rakesh.

What Do They Say?

Chee MingRakesh has a deep understanding of the human mind, emotion and inner conflicts. He treats others with utmost respect and compassion and listens without judgement. His observations and clarifications are profound and clear. It has always been an insightful, refreshing and inspirational experience to learn from him. Fang Chee Ming – Malaysia

venetiaThe profundity of Rakesh’ teaching and guidance can only come from an experience and awareness deeper than most of us can imagine. He sees with startling clarity and gently offers advice and instruction, giving all too freely of his time, knowledge and understanding. He has the ability to pinpoint a problem almost immediately and bring about fundamental and lasting change in anyone who approaches him for help. Venetia Ansell – United Kingdom

Bali youth workshop 1 (1)The material presented was very systematic and profound with many illustrations that makes comprehension easy and clear. I am very impressed with the technique Rakesh employs to communicate highly subtle lessons with a lot of humour. We were able to grasp it quickly and absorb. Dr. I Gede Suwantana – Indonesia

mjRakesh is a knowledgeable teacher and a skillful trainer. He is sincere, compassionate and generous in helping others find solutions that they seek in life. He is an independent thinker. He does not force his views on others. He is gifted with such sharpness of observation and understanding of the workings of the human nature that he is able to help us identify, clarify and put in perspective the issues we face in daily life. I have learned a lot about life from him. Mei June – Malaysia

consultayurvedaHaving only very basic knowledge of Yoga, I was pleased that Rakesh explained everything, from the history of Yoga, to the uses of the yoga poses and finally the effects on the body and mind. With practice I feel that my concentration, emotions and reactions will come into balance. I would recommend Rakesh to anybody considering learning more about Yoga and developing a deeper understanding of the mind and ultimately the inner self. Jody – Australia


Mobile: (+6)012-6775534

Classes are held throughout the week in Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur areas. Please contact Rakesh to check for class nearest to you.

Class Guideline

  • Your first week is free. Valid only for new students or students that have not attended Rakesh’s class.
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before class begins. Sit silently for the class to begin. Allow your mind and body to settle down in preparation for class.
  • Please settle any payments before entering class. Prior registration and class booking are mandatory before attending any class
  • Switch off your hand phone or put it in silent mode during class.

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