Innerlife Inspire Retreat

A retreat on holistic wellness and happiness
Date: To Be Determined (6 days 5 nights)
Venue: To Be Determined  

About the retreat

Join us on the most comprehensive Yoga-Vedanta-based lifestyle retreat for holistic wellness and happiness. The program is aimed at guiding participants to discover and understand all the 5 important aspects of the human body and mind and the inter-relations between the various aspects that shape the human personality.

Participants will learn new tools that can be practically imbibed in daily life to live a life of total well-being. When there is total well-being of body and mind, we become easily anchored in happiness. A retreat enables participants to not only learn the lifestyle principles theoretically but also to have the benefit of hands-on experience. The knowledge and experience give participants the capacity to bring about lifestyle change when they return home. This retreat also provides an opportunity for the participants to have one-on-one discussions with Rakesh Nair, the creator of the program itself and clarify their personal doubts and issues.

Healthy meals…

Our vegetarian meals are especially designed to promote the principles of our wellness system. We provide wholesome and nutritious meals that promote good digestion, detoxification and anti-aging benefits. Each meal is beautifully presented and very tasty!

Special body treatments…

Massage applies gentle deep tissue massage techniques with the use of aromatherapy oil to promote oxygen and energy flow as well as detoxification while you enjoy the deep relaxation. The treatment is followed by a full body wrap made of natural ingredients to cleanse and tone your skin. Participants will also be given detox juice daily.

# Special body treatments are subject to change.

Schedule… – To Be Determined

# Program timing and itinerary are subject to change.

Retreat leaders


Rakesh Nair is an inspiring speaker, lifestyle counsellor, writer and yoga instructor. He has lead various workshops and retreats. Rakesh studied Vedanta, Yoga and Sanskrit for many years under able teachers. He holds a Master degree in Sanskrit literature and philosophies. He is also a certified Ayurvedic and Yoga lifestyle counsellor. He is the creator of the wellness retreat program – presenting a new holistic model of the human constitution for well-being and success in all aspects of our life.


What participants say about the retreat?

The retreat was interesting, challenging at times but hugely beneficial. The Ayurvedic assessment was an interesting look into the fundamental characteristics of my constitution, and highlighted quite a few holes in my diet! I enjoyed the detox diet menu, and ate more healthy food than I have had in a long time as well as making more conscious decisions about the food I eat once leaving the retreat. My digestion improved over the five days and reduced bloating and stomach cramps which are usual for me. Having only very basic knowledge of Yoga, I was pleased that Rakesh explained everything, from the History of Yoga asana, to the uses of the poses and finally the effects on the body. After leaving the retreat I have put effort into completing some yoga daily.Delving deeper into my own mind was a little trickier! Turning the outward focus inward was a little overwhelming at first, but with practice I feel that my concentration, emotions and reactions will come into balance. I would recommend the retreat to anybody considering learning more about Yoga and developing a deeper understanding of the mind and ultimately the inner self. - Jody, Melbourne, Australia

I had an amazing self-discovery on this wellness retreat. It certainly was not something I expected. For a start, the retreat program was very complex yet comprehensive. It has a good balance of yoga (physical), meditation, class room work and very healthy organic meal. What I like about the program was the “why” explained throughout the program. It satisfied my intellect layer :) . It is unlike any of the yoga programs which are mainly aerobic/sweat-out workouts. Understanding the principles of the 5 Vedantic layers of the human constitution was very helpful and insightful. Knowing my body constitution being the Pitta-type certainly gives me a path forward to plan and balance nutrition and life towards youthfulness. Throughout the week, the vegan meal was served tastefully and exquisitely. You name it – Every sense of the taste was stimulated – Yum! Throughout this workshop, Rakesh was able to raise the awareness of the group and encouraged them to look within – I saw “me” hidden under many “false – I”. I have plenty of reflection to take home with me. And there are many practical tools to put these into application. The rest is now up to me. Thank you Rakesh and Mei June for bringing this fabulous comprehensive wellness/holistic program. - Ariane, Singapore

It was truly an amazing journey and experience. I am grateful for new things I’ve learned and gained. I really appreciate the effort and professionalism of Rakesh and Mei June. The door is opened, so let’s see how it goes. I’ll do my best and commit myself in a best way. I know where my weaknesses and strengths are and I need to work on balance. I already had some knowledge but after this retreat everything seems to have more meaning. I’d like to thank you again for the opportunity I got. - Meena, Slovakia


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