• Rakesh has a deep understanding of the human mind, emotion and inner conflicts. He treats others with utmost respect and compassion and listens without judgement. His observations and clarifications are profound and clear. It has always been an insightful, refreshing and inspirational experience to learn from him. Fang Chee Ming – Malaysia
  • Having only very basic knowledge of Yoga, I was pleased that Rakesh explained everything, from the history of Yoga, to the uses of the yoga poses and finally the effects on the body and mind. With practice I feel that my concentration, emotions and reactions will come into balance. I would recommend Rakesh to anybody considering learning more about Yoga and developing a deeper understanding of the mind and ultimately the inner self. Jody – Melbourne, Australia
  • It was truly an amazing journey and experience. I am grateful for the new things I’ve learned and gained. I really appreciate the effort and professionalism of Rakesh. The door is opened, so let’s see how it goes. I’ll do my best and commit myself in a best way. I know where my weaknesses and strengths are and I need to work on balance. I already had some knowledge but after this retreat everything seems to have more meaning. I’d like to thank you again for the opportunity I got. Meena – Slovakia  
  • Thank you Rakesh for a wonderful experience. I am taking home with me a better understanding of Yoga and Ayurvedic principles to carry on my own as I make some meaningful changes in my life. I appreciate your personal support and patience to help me with the yoga poses. The Sun Salutation is not a problem for me now! :) I learn we are ONE with the UNIVERSE and things happen for a reason. I am now on the path of an incredible journey of self discovery. Aum Shanti...Carole – Malaysia  
  • Throughout this workshop, Rakesh was able to raise the awareness of the group and encouraged them to look within – I saw “me” hidden under many “false – I”. I have plenty of reflection to take home with me. And there are many practical tools to put these into application. The rest is now up to me. Thank you Rakesh for bringing this fabulous comprehensive wellness/holistic program. Ariane – Singapore  
  • The material presented was very systematic and profound with many illustrations that makes comprehension easy and clear. I am very impressed with the technique Rakesh employs to communicate highly subtle lessons with a lot of humour. We were able to grasp it quickly and absorb. Dr. I Gede Suwantana – Director, Bali, Indonesia
  • The profundity of Rakesh’ teaching and guidance can only come from an experience and awareness deeper than most of us can imagine.  He sees with startling clarity and gently offers advice and instruction, giving all too freely of his time, knowledge and understanding. He has the ability to pinpoint a problem almost immediately and bring about fundamental and lasting change in anyone who approaches him for help. Venetia Ansell – United Kingdom
  • The speaker (Rakesh) has personally taught me the purpose of our existence in this universe. His teachings are very practical, profound & yet amazingly simple to follow by anybody for achieving success in every aspect of life. It’s truly a mind blowing experience which guarantees success. Suresh – Process Engineer
  • Rakesh is a knowledgeable teacher and a skillful trainer. He is sincere, compassionate and generous in helping others find solutions that they seek in life. He is an independent thinker. He does not force his views on others. He is gifted with such sharpness of observation and understanding of the workings of the human nature that he is able to help us identify, clarify and put in perspective the issues we face in daily life. I have learned a lot about life from him. Mei June – PJ, Malaysia
  • Rakesh demonstrates a deep and profound understanding of the many natural laws governing life. He has the unique ability to draw on these principles and blend them into everyday living to create a holistic way of life. He listens without judgement and offers his guidance with clarity and compassion. He shares his invaluable knowledge and vast experience for the benefit of others without hesitation. It is a privilege to learn from him. Hemalatha Muniandy – KL, Malaysia

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