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Intellect is the foundation for healthy mind and relationships

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The primary foundation of our emotional and mental health is the intellect. A keen and steady intellect contains within itself the stamina to resist the pressures of the ego and its desires and to be able to perform its functions properly. That alone can provide a person with a mind

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Common remedies for fatigue

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Fatigue, also referred to as tiredness, is not a disease but our natural psycho-biological warning system. Fatigue alerts us of an underlying weakness in our body and mind that needs our attention. A few simple adjustments to our lifestyle can generally help alleviate fatigue. Common remedies that would normally help

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Mental fatigue

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Fatigue can be both physical and mental and can also be associated with certain diseases and syndromes. We all tend to blame fatigue on a busy lifestyle and of course we are right most of the time. However when outer lifestyle adjustments, intended to address the causes of physical fatigue

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