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Personal development in education

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The ability to grasp, reason, organise and apply knowledge in our lives has enabled us humans to create civilisation and to advance human desires and aspirations. This ability however is acquired only through the training of our mental faculties. This should be recognised as one of the fundamental roles of

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You are the sum total of your mental-impressions

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Physical actions are only a manifestation of thoughts in your mind. Every physical action and the result you experience are in fact an extension of a sequence of mental processes. Every conscious thought process leaves an impression in the deeper layers of your mind. These mental-impressions remain as latent tendencies

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The Power of Thought

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A thought is a thing, just like matter and energy. In Hindu philosophies like Vedanta and Yoga, a thought is technically defined as vritti (literally, ‘a vortex’) which refers to a vibration of mind-stuff. If the mind is a lake, then thoughts are the waves. Thoughts can travel vast distances.

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