You are the sum total of your mental-impressions

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Physical actions are only a manifestation of thoughts in your mind. Every physical action and the result you experience are in fact an extension of a sequence of mental processes. Every conscious thought process leaves an impression in the deeper layers of your mind. These mental-impressions remain as latent tendencies

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Mind factors into Karma

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Effect is determined by the nature of cause. So the result of action is determined by the nature of action. Actions have no existence apart from the mind. Action is only an extension to the thought processes of the mind. Therefore action is determined by the nature of your mind.

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Prenatal Samskaras

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Over the years as I read and research Hindu scriptures I became convinced that the science of personal growth can be applied during the prenatal development of a child. I kept noticing references made to prenatal care (mother and child) and highlights of incidents of education received by the child

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